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Whether you are looking to outsource part or all of your IT service, or you are an outsourcing organisation that has a contract to provide services to another company. Alternatively you may be looking to establish a shared service centre, optimising resources to reduce overall operating costs and standardise processes; or simply are relocating from one office building to another. Whatever it may be the change from one state to the other should be considered a transition.

The Transition Manager oversees the change process, and is accountable for the business impact that occurs during this phase of what may be a substantial or innovative programme.

No matter how detailed your planning, how exhaustive your design process, how extensive your training programme, almost invariably there will be a ‘gotcha’ lurking somewhere in the background. It is the Transition Manages job to anticipate, react and if necessary adjust planning on the fly to address any situation. To maintain business operations seamlessly throughout what could easily be a huge change to your processes and the way you see the world.

We have extensive transition experience. We have moved workloads across Europe and beyond. We have on-boarded entire IT operations and relocated systems and services, both between datacentres and across national borders, without interruption and completely transparently to service users.

The opposite of course is also true. If you are considering outsourcing part of your services, or are taking services back in house, an experienced Transition Manager will protect your interests. Ensuring that your chosen third party delivers to contract, that your business isn’t impacted in unforeseen ways by the transition process, and that when you return to Business-As-Usual the resulting services are robust and supportable, meeting your needs in the ever evolving IT world.

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